Acne is a confusing skin disorder that affects tens of millions of people in the United States. Even with what we know about acne, many people still have questions they need answered. For those who suffer from acne, the questions are of some importance. Questions can result in teaching someone else about acne and them learning about prevention methods, proactive solution and the facts involved in such a common and bothersome skin disorder.

Question One- Is acne a cause of not cleaning yourself?

Answer- Acne is considered a disorder. Acne is typically triggered by hormones within the body. However, no matter what you hear, acne is not cause by lack of cleaning yourself. You could be the cleanest person in the world and still probably get acne breakouts. It is more likely that you get acne from washing or cleaning your skin to much versus too little.

Question Two- Are teenagers the only ones to get acne?

Answer- Wrong! Acne just does not affect teens. Adult acne is on the rise. It is becoming more common than people would have expected. It seems to be more up to genetics than anything else.

Question Three- Is there really a way to prevent acne?

Answer- Prevention methods are really the same all around; it doesn’t matter what type of skin or what form of acne you have. Make sure your skin is clean, you do not pick, scratch, or pop blemishes, avoid oil products, drink a lot of water, and make sure to see a dermatologist.

Question Four- What can honestly be done about acne?

Answer- There are many treatment options available for people suffering with all different types of acne. Over-the-counter products are the most popular. They tend to treat light ro moderate acne. Severe acne requires time with a dermatologist. A dermatologist will most likely have to prescribe treatment to severe acne sufferers.

Question Five- How long does it take acne to clear up?

Answer- Everyone’s acne is different. For some it may only take a couple days, for others is could take two months. It depends on the type of skin and the severity of the acne. Be sure to complete any and all acne treatment methods completely before thinking about more harsh treatments. It shouldn’t matter so much on how long your acne is going to take to clear up. The fact that it is going to clear up is what is important.